About Us

Our knowledgeable staff at Lemac Manufacturing (LMC) will lead you through all aspects of Vacuum Thermoforming and Rapid Tooling stages, from the design on through to prototype process.

With 40 years of experience our thermoforming and tooling engineer will work closely with you to ensure your prototype ideas get manufactured to the tight tolerances you require.

Lemac Manufacturing is based in Bellingham, WA but we serve the entire Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Whether you need vacuum forming in Oregon, Montana or Washington State or you require rapid tooling prototyping in Alberta or British Columbia Canada, Lemac Manufacturing services all Pacific Northwest clients.

LMC combines vacuum thermoforming with SolidWorks 3D CAD and MasterCam Cam Interface programs to create highly detailed vacuum formed parts with sharp definition.

Our 5 axis CNC Router capabilities ensure tight tolerances and consistent results throughout both the rapid tooling and trimming stages. Our production staff performs multiple quality control checks of each vacuum formed part during the forming and finishing process, ensuring it is within client specifications and our own high quality standards.

We Accept All Vacuum Forming
And Rapid Tooling Challenges

Lemac Manufacturing is a rapid tooling prototyping company. Our policy is that there is no vacuum forming or rapid tooling challenge we won’t take on! We are dedicated to excellent customer service for our clients in Washington State, Oregon, Montana, BC, Alberta and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to provide the highest quality vacuum formed parts with the shortest lead times at the most competitive prices possible.

LMC & Environmental Stewardship

Lemac is a vacuum forming and rapid tooling prototyping company committed to environmental stewardship.

One of our first priorities when we moved into our new facility was retrofitting the entire building to use low energy light bulbs. We implemented a recycling program that encompasses both our shop floor and our offices.

All of the plastic trimmed during the production and plastic finishing process is reground and recycled into usable plastic. We use that same recycled plastic to produce our vacuum formed parts.

LMC is a company specializing in custom thermoformed part manufacturing. We will attempt just about any vacuum thermoforming project.

Our Company

Based in Bellingham, Washington State, Lemac Manufacturing’s lead engineer has four decades of experience designing, tooling and vacuum forming products for a wide range of industries and applications. We provide Rapid Tooling Prototyping and Vacuum Forming services for;

  • Medical Applications
  • Marine Applications
  • Automotive Applications
  • Industrial Applications

When we started LMC in 1989 our goal was to provide a high quality, totally reliable, customer service oriented vacuum forming company to serve the Pacific Northwest.

Our full service facility has 5 thermoforming machines, as well as two 5 axis CNC routers, and countless other tools that we incorporate in our vacuum forming and tooling production process. (There are a couple of boats lurking around too, though those are our wistful “future projects.”) That combined with our dedicated staff lets us give our customers timely, expert service that gets them what they need, when they need it.

Vacuum Forming & Tooling Facilities

In our 26 years of operation we have moved twice to larger facilities. Our most recent move was in August of 2009 to our Hammer Drive facility here in Bellingham.

Time moves so quickly we sometimes forget we’ve been here for over a year, and we find ourselves telling people we “just moved.” Or it may be that the couple of months we all spent moving a 20 year old business from one location to another has been kept fresh in our memories via the many hours of sweat and toil it took.

Our new vacuum forming and tooling facility is beautiful, and three times larger than our previous space. It’s improved our efficiency and has allowed us opportunities to pursue vacuum forming projects that would have previously been very difficult to achieve simply due to the spatial constraints of our previous building.

Our Philosophy

It is our goal as a vacuum forming and rapid tooling prototyping company to produce high quality, cost effective vacuum formed plastic parts in the lead times our customers require.

Every employee within the company shares that philosophy, from the CEO to the vacuum forming production workers on the shop floor. It is the mandate of our team as a whole that no plastic part goes out our door that we wouldn’t be proud to say is ours. Our entire organization is based around that simple concept.

As part of that, we run LMC with honesty, integrity, and a dedication to service. We are here BECAUSE of you, our customer. That means that our purpose is to be here FOR you, our customer. We are committed to getting you what you need, and you can count on us to bend over backwards to do just that.

Lemac Employees

We are proud to be a manufacturer right here in the USA employing American workers. All of our vacuum forming and rapid tooling employees have been with us for at least 8 years. That’s some remarkably low turnover!

From our lead engineer to our production team, every person working at Lemac brings a perspective and skill set that enhances our company.

Everyone has worked here for so long that we’ve become quite a tight knit group, making teamwork and problem solving fun (and occasionally loud).

Vacuum Forming Material Sourcing

We do most of our material sourcing from American companies who also provide living wage jobs to American workers, many of them located in the Pacific Northwest.

When we can, we source vacuum forming and tooling materials right here in Bellingham. We are absolutely dedicated to supporting “the little guys” of business out there whenever and however we can!

To learn more about Lemac, a Washington vacuum forming company that also offers special tooling services, please email our Vacuum Forming & Tooling
professionals or call us at 360-756-1720.