5 Reasons Vacuum Forming Is Right for Your Project

When deciding which production method you will utilize to create your concept, it can be difficult to know what various processes have to offer. 5 advantages of vacuum forming are:

  1. In comparison with injection forming and pressure forming, vacuum forming has the least expensive tooling costs.Vacuum form tooling utilizes a wide range of materials depending on the needs of the client, allowing flexibility in construction and costs according to the part runs required. Here at Lemac, as part of our design process, we carefully assess the needs of each client, ensuring we create tooling appropriate for both expense and production.
  2. Tooling completion and implementation in vacuum forming is far faster than in injection and pressure forming.This means your idea becomes a product in weeks, not months. Lemac is equipped with all of the in-house machinery we need to create a complete tool within days of design finalization and approval.
  3. Vacuum form tooling design modifications happen quickly and inexpensively. Vacuum form tooling is efficiently modified to suit any design changes required by the client. In most cases this means that as your customer’s needs change, or if problems arise with your initial concept, you can swiftly change your tooling to suit new specifications.
  4. Part runs can range from one to one thousand parts. Vacuum Forming allows a wide range of part production. This allows you to serve changing customer demands and test prototypes to ensure functionality.
  5. Vacuum forming allows for a huge range of part sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether your part is 1”x 1”x 1” or 10 ’x 10’x 3’, vacuum forming can accommodate that size. Lemac forms a variety of products from large sheets and enclosures to small, detailed parts. We utilize a multitude of plastics with different finish and color options, enhancing the look of our completed products.

If you would like to learn more about vacuum forming, or what Lemac has to offer you, please visit our website, http://lemacmfg.com.