Environmental Stewardship

Lemac Manufacturing Company Inc. has made its home here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for 22 years. As such, we appreciate the stunning natural world around us and are committed to being responsible stewards of this amazing place.

One of the recycling programs Lemac is committed to is the reuse of all of the trimmings and flash created in our production processes. Working with plastics recyclers, we ensure that our excess plastic doesn’t go to land fills anywhere. 

Our latest certificate of Environmental Stewardship gave us some impressive facts about the effectiveness of our recycling program. From July of 2009 to June of 2010 we have saved 206 barrels of oil, 73156 KwH of energy, and 380 cubic yards of landfill space by recycling 25,340 pounds of plastic that would have otherwise simply been thrown away. We are proud of our efforts in this area and constantly strive to lessen our environmental footprint.

 While LMC doesn’t currently have customers who use biodegradable Bioplastics, we are very excited about the technology being developed in this field, and look forward to using those products in the future!