Fun with Thermoforming Machines!

This Labor Day I was thinking not only about how grateful I am to have a job, but about how grateful I am that my job is something I enjoy doing. There is something fascinating to me about the various processes that we use in our thermoforming and tooling systems. The shop environment is one that is fairly new to me, and maybe that’s part of where my enjoyment comes from. Working with power tools and heavy equipment is a nice outlet for my Tomboy tendencies, but the most enjoyable thing is certainly the knowledge that we deliver high quality thermoformed parts to our customers.

The thermoforming process requires many pieces, all of which work together to create the finished part. Our ovens heat the plastic, the vacuum forms it to the mold which was tooled by the CNC, and that same CNC will, in many cases, do the finish work on the part. Working with all of these machines to create quality product is incredibly gratifying.  My favorite days here are the ones where I’m out in the shop, surrounded by our equipment, all of it humming away in the various tasks that equal beautiful part runs.

Come on in and take a tour of our facilities! We would love to show you how we get the job done!