Every business runs into obstacles and this last week has been full of them for Lemac. I’m pretty sure we have a little gremlin running helter-skelter around the shop, blowing out gaskets and breaking crucial elements of our machines. It’s very hard to be patient and positive during weeks like the one we just had, when everything seems just a little harder than it needs to be.

But that’s the thing, in life there are always obstacles. No matter how much we wish it weren’t so, and that wish comes up a lot during trying times, roadblocks happen. How we handle them as individuals and as a team helps to define who we are as a company. The thing is, no matter how difficult the week or the task is we keep pushing through until the problem is solved. That’s who we are as a company. Now you could chalk it up to sheer stubbornness, but I like to call it perseverance. And it’s that perseverance that we bring to the table for our customers, time after time.

Have a problem that needs solving? Give us a call at 360-756-1720. After last week, we’re problem solving experts!