Redundancy generally has negative connotations. No one wants to be the person repeating themselves, while the people around them fall into a mindless, drooling, stupor. In an industrial setting however, redundancy is actually a good thing, something that works in positive ways for our clients.

One of the main goals that Lemac achieved for itself  in 2009 & 2010 has been the addition of machines to its shop floor. This means we have repetition in most of our major production machinery, preventing our customers from getting left in the lurch due to mechanical failure. (Not that we expect these things, but if one doesn’t plan for Murphy, Murphy has a nasty habit of showing up.) It also allows us to crank out special express orders for customers who might have unexpected needs for part runs. Our move to 3890 Hammer Drive was a big part of this overall expansion of resource.

We intend to continue this repetition throughout our entire production floor, enabling us to decrease lead times and serve our clients more efficiently.