Saying Yes

How many times do you catch yourself saying no during the day? As a parent to a child, as a pet owner to a pet, and as an employer or employee in any number of situations we all find the N-O word coming out of our mouths pretty often.

Sometimes no is necessary but often the problem with no is that it limits our options, closes doors, keeps us from expanding our boundaries and expectations. Much of the time, saying no is just about doing what’s been done before because that’s the way we’ve always done it.

Well, Lemac has dedicated itself to saying yes. That doesn’t mean we say yes to every harebrained scheme that’s presented to us, but it does mean that we say yes to challenges, to change, to higher expectations. It means we say yes to going the extra mile for our customers, that we embrace the chance to innovate new solutions to problems.

Saying yes means thinking outside the box, letting ourselves conceptualize ways around sticking and sticky points that present road blocks on the way to achieving our goals. It means coming to work every day with the belief that we can and will do amazing things.

Give us a call and let us say yes to you!